My Goals For My Online Business

To be successful as a web entrepreneur and to earn a lot of money online, I need to know my exact goals and to align all of my actions along my goals. In Visualize your dream I've already talked about the importance to know your dreams and the feelings I want to achieve with your online business.

What I'm doing is a really heavy and complex process, so it's easily possible to get lost in the incredible options, the Internet allows you. I want to avoid this, so I need my goals to be as clear as possible, also because I want to be able to measure my success in reaching my goals.

1. Create an automated process to earn money

The internet brings a really big advantage to my life, the automization of selling processes. I only have to create my content once and it will (hopefully) be accessed over and over again. So the opportunity exists, that my content will be sold over and over again, even though I'm not actually working on this content.

This is no scam or something like this, it's just using the masses of active Internet users. My content will be helpful to other people, otherwise I won't be able to create a profitable online business, which earns money online. The internet is accessible worldwide, so my content is, too. If I create a membership-area, an ebook or a video course, etc. I'm able to sell it to Internet users all over the world. Isn't that incredible?

You can reach millions of people sitting on your couch.

2: Living without worrying about money

I think that you've also heard, that's it is incredible easy to get rich with an online business very fast. That's not my primary motivation. My motivation is not to get rich, though of course I won't be mad if this happens.

My motivation for starting this online business is to help other people in my situation and to be able to live the life that I want, without any anxiety or worries about having not enough money.

This is what drives me and what keeps me working. It's a bad idea, to be focused only on money for motivation, because you'll get frustrated after a certain amount of time. You'd be doing literally anything, just to earn money.  I'll explain later, why motivation is so extremely important for a successful online business.

3: I want to live relaxed and happy and work on things I'm passionate about

When it comes to visualizing my dreams and goals I think it's always a good idea to keep notice of the feelings I have, when I reached a specific goal. At the time my newly created online business is running and is generating enough monthly income to pay all my bills, I'll be very happy and a lot more relaxed, than I'm now.

I'll be happy, because with my content I'm really helping people to succeed with their own online businesses and maybe to quit their 9-to-5 jobs. I'll be happy because I'll only work on things I love and because I was able to really create my own online business. But I know, that it will be a hard and long way until my goals are reached.

4: In 2014 I want to generate enough online income to pay all my daily bills

For me it was important to set clear goals and visions. So in 2014 I want to be able to pay all my bills with income generate of my online business. I want to live without sorrows, anxiety and all this wasting time feelings. Of course this will be reached through high quality content, which helps other people to start their online businesses.

With My Great Online Business I want to create a diary, which contains my complete experience in starting an online business from scratch. This content is targeted to help other people, because I'll share methods, tricks and all of my failures, so that other people won't make them theirselves. I'm using a business model, which is taught by the Internet Business Mastery Academy and is used by successful online entrepreneurs like Pat Flynn.

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