eBook - Sneak Preview!

My eBook is making huge progress and I want to give you some detailed insights on it right now!

Readers benefit

Most important for every eBook is the benefit for the reader. My eBook will help starting entrepreneurs to overcome roadblocks and get rid of fears and doubts.

Since I've started my first company in April 2012, I had to deal with heavy roadblocks and a lot of pressure. I was working as a fulltime employee while maintaining projects for my own company in my free time. Having almost no free time to relax, I developed websites and took care of businesses networks together with my co-founder.


I could work on my projects only after 9 hours work days for my employer. Keeping motivation and staying focussed on high quality products was very challenging.

Sometimes the pressure made me even physically sick. I started to get headaches, pain in the stomach and some other stress related symptoms.

In this time I've developed methods, to stay focussed, keep my motivation high, distract stress and overcome fears.

It's those methods, that I'm going to share with you in my eBook.

The table of contents will go something like this:

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Entrepreneurial Values and Principles
  • My Very First Company
  • Methods and Practical Advices
  • Interviews With Great Entrepreneurs 

Interviews With Other Great Entrepreneurs

Probably the most interesting aspect besides my methods and experiences are interviews with other successful online entrepreneurs.

I want to provide to you the maximum value possible, so I decided to ask other influencers about their fears and their tactics to overcome them.
But I don't do interviews only with the really large names. There will be some interviews with entrepreneurs who have just launched their businesses.

So you'll get deep insights on the possible problems, fears and doubts that might rise when you start your internet business.

As you know, I'm a huge fan of collaborating with other people. I think, that those mastermind discussions are likely to create truly great contents.

Some of the interview partners are:

Early Bird Bonus

At this weekend I will launch an 50% early bird discount for everyone who preorders the book from this homepage. So be sure to sign in to my newsletter to get notified when the discount goes online!


To your success,


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