Add any widget to a page or post in WordPress

This tutorial shows you how to add any widget to a page or post in WordPress. It's quite simple if you just know the tools.

I recently had a client who wanted me to add a login form to a page so that his members could easily log in and access their purchase.

He used the Login with Ajax plugin, and besides showing the login form in the footer widget area, it should also show on a login page.

At first, I thought of writing some code and adding my own little plugin to the website. However, that might become harder to manage for my client in the future than installing already existing plugins.

After doing research on this topic, I found a small plugin you can use to add any widget to a page or post in WordPress.

In this particular case (and in most others), this plugin is the better solution than having someone write custom code for you.

It's called AMR Shortcode Any Widget.

AMR Shortcode Any Widget Screenshot

You can install the plugin directly from your WordPress site. It gets updated regularly and runs on 70k+ sites, so it seems like a good solution to use.

Let show you how to actually add any widget to a page or post using AMR Shortcode Any Widget:

After you installed the plugin, you go to "Appearance" -> "Widgets" and select the widget you want to add to a page or post.

Screenshot of the Widget area, showing the widget we'll add to a page or post in WordPress


Notice the "To use as shortcode with id:" notification at the end of the widget box? That's the AMR Shortcode Any Widget plugin.

All you need to do next is to add the shortcode it gives you to the page or post you want the widget to show.

Like this:

Add any widget to a page or post using a shortcode

All you need to is to add the shortcode in the Post Editor or Page Editor, and the widget will show up as expected.

That's how you add any widget to a page or post in WordPress. Once you know the right tool, it's quite straightforward.

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