Are You Born For Freelancing?

Freelancing is a very popular business model nowadays, you can read about it on nearly all blogs about entrepreneurship, online business and general business. I get quite some questions on freelancing businesses, so I wanted to use this opportunity to give you some real-world insights out of my daily business. Let me back up a… [Read the full article]

When Something Just Feels Wrong

It’s 01:00 am, I’m listening to this amazing conversation of Mitch Joel and Jonathan Fields and I’m currently working on the PC of a good friend. He’s repairing my car regularly, doing the maintenance intervals and fixing it when things brake – and he asked me for a favor. He asked me whether I could… [Read the full article]

Crush The Fear Of Failure

Knock the fear of failure out of the park

The fear of failure is almost everywhere when you’re thinking about starting a business, even if it’s on the side and you’re still secured with income from your job. I definitely felt the fear of failure once I seriously considered to start an online business. Though I was working as business consultant and making enough… [Read the full article]

Stop Searching For Easy Businesses To Start!

easy businesses to start

The other day I was working on my content plan, jotting down ideas for future posts. Doing some keyword research (I use Long Tail Pro) to back up my ideas, I found that there are 1,600 US citizens searching for “easy business to start”, each and every month. And that’s just in the US. This… [Read the full article]

Combined Income Report – January to April 2014

This year started quite amazing and overwhelming, that’s why I’m writing this income report after 4 months in. I’m sorry for the delay, but I learned some incredibly valuable lessons, that I definitely want to share with you in this income report. 2014 started with me quitting my job and becoming full-time employed. I was… [Read the full article]

How To Combat Entrepreneurial Loneliness

dave schneider

This is a guest post by Dave Schneider, who restarted his life in his early twenties to travel the world with his girlfriend and build an online business that supports his lifestyle. I love his passion for online business and freedom-based lifestyle and this post tackles the very important topic “entrepreneurial loneliness”. Enjoy! ——— Being… [Read the full article]

Is Hiring a Virtual Assistant a Good Business Decision? (Discover the Truth)

virtual assistants

This is a guest post by Chris Ducker, well-known entrepreneur, author and blogger. I’ve been following his advice on leveraging virtual teams and building business for quite a time and I’m proud to have him on as a guest author. Take it away Chris… Few people are aware of the true benefits of hiring a… [Read the full article]

The Ultimate Roots of Feeling Overwhelmed

stop feeling overwhelmed

We’re all feeling overwhelmed from time to time. This is especially true for entrepreneurs and those who begin to build their businesses, but people get overwhelmed with life just as it is as well. The problem with feeling overwhelmed is, that it most often blurs the solution to the challenge we’re currently facing. It lets… [Read the full article]

How to Develop Project Management Skills

project management skills

Probably one of the most important things when starting a business on the side is developing project management skills. This means being able to handle customers, tasks, marketing, calculations, etc. – just the normal project management stuff. When you want to start a business on the side, it’s likely that you’re offering some kind of… [Read the full article]

17 Ways to Upskill Yourself for Free in 30 Minutes a Day

This post is a guest post by Becky, digital entrepreneur and owner of the Lifestyle Ninja Blog. She’s great at creating lifehacks that can enrich your everyday life massively, and I’m proud to have her on as a guest author. With this said, take it away Becky…. We live in an age of information overload…. [Read the full article]